incel 46 - risk it for the biscuit

- The optimist part of the incel would like to believe that his chronic emptiness will be ultimately productive by urging him to seek comfort and happiness in social situations in a way that solo hobbies can’t any longer. Sure, as of late, social interactions have gone wonderfully without any self-consciousness, and he’s sure that he’d thrive under any self-imposed challenges. The problem is that he’s not particularly motivated to seek these new risks, not out of fear but out of apathy. [...]

incel 45 - what are your goals

- The incel has fallen into a rather dangerous train of thought - there’s no point in socializing or talking to women because all the places his friends would take him to do those things automatically equates to women that aren’t worth the effort (hedonists in bars, institutionalized sheep in universities). Don’t get him wrong, they are most likely great to talk to and have value in and of themselves, so they’ll probably find a nice bar Chad or uni cuck to share good times with. [...]

incel 44 - unfindable

- “why cant I get a girlfriend” why can’t your girlfriend get you Bill Wurtz, 2018-07-29 Well, for starters, the incel never goes out. Why not? Because being constantly in the public eye is more trouble than it’s worth. What trouble is he referring to? The incel has indeed sacrificed his precious time and put himself in uncomfortable situations before, and what did he get? The ratio is about 20 or so superficial friends he had the “privilege” of being nerds and wasting money with and has completely lost touch with, for every one or two actual friends. [...]

incel 43 - his people

- Will the incel know how to stop being a beta male when the time is right (not going after women)? He tells himself that he makes the choice not to associate with anyone of the opposite gender, but is he just deluding himself? Left and right, he sees girls he considers cute hooking up with guys he knows personally that aren’t any more charming or charismatic than him, and while from the start he had solid reasons to dismiss said girls as worthwhile targets, he can’t help but feel helpless as life passes him by and the circle of life rotates around him. [...]

incel 42 - the competition

- While comparing oneself to others is usually useless at best and counterproductive at worst, doing so is an inevitable part of the mating process. The market in the city and most highly populated towns is oversaturated, so even if the incel is able to stand his own ground by being a healthy, loyal young man, there are nerds who rely on modernity to bolster themselves up the tier list. People, to be fair perhaps unintentionally, crowd around anime, emo aesthetic, Disney, etc. [...]

incel 41 - what will this lottery ticket buy me?

- As a thought experiment, would the incel truly have any intention to be monogamous and faithful if he weren’t socially handicapped? And if not, wouldn’t that make his intention for seeking out someone as faithful as him inherently selfish? At first, this is a non-sequitur, but hear him out. Like a peasant suddenly coming across a windfall, would he just squander the loot and hurt himself and others irreversibly in the process? [...]

incel 40 - don't just do something; stand there!

- According to conventional wisdom, extraordinary outcomes require extraordinary measures. Makes sense, right? According to the same cultural idiom, doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity, or just plain irrational. Therefore, the best way for the incel to achieve his life long goal is to be proactive and do things that he wouldn’t have thought to do before. But wait a minute. Friends tell him that the most important thing about playing the game is not caring about the outcome. [...]

incel 39 - cumbrain

- As of late, the incel resolves to never talk about his plight with women with his therapist ever again, and instead challenges himself to bring up other more big-brain topics to his sessions. To accomplish that, he needs to do two things - minimize the instinct to simp and carefully take note of the thoughts and concerns that populate that now empty space in his mind so he has enough material to cover that oh-so-menacing 50 minute slot. [...]

incel 38 - horny isn't a personality

- Being more mindful of the words and ideas he chooses to share seems like the incel’s next step in becoming autonomous and losing his dependence on the male instinct. Being horny is not a unique personality trait, and nobody really cares no matter how close they pretend to be to you. For shits and giggles, he wonders how far he’d get in convincing someone he’s asexual - akin to the way baseball players train with overweight bats to make game day easier. [...]


- List of every reason the incel doesn’t talk to women he likes: He’s been told that women don’t like a desperate person, so logically, he shouldn’t bother breaking the ice until he has overcome his concupiscence. They’ll see right through him. He’s not in the habit of talking to women, and the only reason he can see himself doing so is to probe them for dateable characteristics. He can’t speak for everyone, but if someone came up to him with such an agenda… he’d actually be really grateful, but most people would consider that shallow and want nothing to do with it, not to mention the evolutionary incentives are out of wack. [...]

incel 36 - kawaii surplus

- Is a positive yet awkward social disposition all it takes to trigger the incel’s sympathetic response? According to a random ten second conversation he hears between a participant and a socially-handicapped but well-meaning volunteer, the answer is yes. In a strangely optimistic way, that means he should have no problem abating his thoughts and putting off the cringy first steps until the time is right. That is to say, he’s not missing out on once-in-a-lifetime chances every waking day like he originally thought. [...]

incel 35 - herbivore men

- She really has no sex appeal. The incel would feel silly for even entertaining the notion. It’d be like courting a little girl with how restless and fidgety her resting state is, and he isn’t about that lifestyle. Poetically enough, the very thing that allures him to her is the very reason he doesn’t feel it socially appropriate to advance anything. Any small talk he makes with her would, in the back of his mind at least, be under the pretext of eventually taking the plunge and asking her out. [...]

incel on the perc - 34

- Something tells the incel that if he takes his stimulant medication while seeing someone, the resulting tunnel vision would make him get in his own way more often. That alone is giving him good reason to stay off his meds - peace of mind. In actuality, when he thinks about his state of mind when off his medication, he is amazed at how little he thinks about women. Sure, he has his favorites, but they don’t occupy as much brain time as women (or one or two in particular) do. [...]

incel 33 - stop cooming

- The incel could start writing something cringy and self-pitying like “It’s the same thing every time” or “How do I stop the cycle?” to open a journal entry, but then he realizes that he’s actually known the road to enlightenment, albeit uncomfortable and painfully unglamorous, for the past few months now and simply refuses to take it - stop cooming. To clarify, just what “cycle” is he hellbent on stopping? [...]


- It really doesn’t take much for the incel to start daydreaming about a girl. With just the slightest deviation from the social script (Hello, how are you, bye, etc.), he already begins to question her intentions and to entertain notions of being closer to her. He’s so deprived of affection that the slightest hint of generosity will set off a domino effect of both good and bad feelings.

incel 25 - the rumor come out

- When the incel tries to imagine himself in a relationship, he instinctively feels that he would be wasting their time and that sooner or later, they’d find fault with him and find someone else that can better satisfy their needs. Don’t get him wrong; he’s sure he could fulfill every other role in his life, but that’s just because in the case of friends, the relationship isn’t exclusive, and in the case of family, they’re stuck with him. [...]

incel 22 - self destruction

- There’s no way to win. In an effort to ensure that the incel doesn’t get too emotionally close to any one woman, he keeps his distance and chooses his battles sparingly, guaranteeing him failure. Even if he was assured that a person liked him, he would probably hold them to a higher esteem than himself and fear the day he reveals his true self and loses again. And in the event that he perceives the love to be unconditional or skewed in his favor, he will feel suffocated and burdened immediately as time has proven. [...]

incel 21 - socratic questioning

- If the incel’s dating strategy is to act disinterested and to only consider behaving like an actual human being after getting obvious signs from the other side, and if his ideal type is someone as introverted and passive as him, he’s got another thing coming. All signs point to what the people around him have been trying to convince him of the entire time - not just standing there but rather doing something. [...]

incel 20 - depression

- Q: Why does the incel hate himself? A: He is inconsistent. Q: Who is he doing all this for - living and whatnot? A: For those who don’t give themselves permission to live. He, supposedly, is the spokesman for the insecure average Joe. Just yesterday, the incel realized that the very women the incel is attracted to (anxious people he is secretly hoping to “save”) are the very kinds of people psychologists say he is incompatible with. [...]

incel 19 - self hatred

- When it comes to media and pop culture, the incel finds himself attracted most to codependent partners that rely on their victims’ inferiority to bolster themselves up and that serve as an outer voice for their interior dialogue (“You are scum” and the like), which worries him considerably. He reacts very positively to this archetype because that chain of events is the only way he can consistently imagine himself stumbling into a relationship. [...]

incel 18 - why bother

- The incel sees no reason to have a platonic relationship with a girl. Everything he values in a friend, a guy can do much better (and without all that stress!), and that has been the pattern for all of his best friends so far. The only exposure to the opposite sex he gets is at work or through male friends; in both cases, he wouldn’t go out of his way to hang out with the girl in question but rather “puts up” with their presence to achieve an end (making a good impression at work or getting to the real star of the show - her male friends). [...]

incel 17 - you go first

- The passive approach the incel has taken to every kind of relationships (he hasn’t even sent a Facebook request before out of fear of appearing needy) is the very thing depriving him of opportunities. Now that he thinks about it, if his best friend hadn’t texted him randomly that one day in the middle of the pandemic, he probably would have never gotten into the habit of hanging out with someone one-on-one with no particular goal in sight; the idea of casually “hitting someone up” like that would have never occurred to him. [...]

incel 16 - codependency

- Logically speaking, the incel should abhor the concept of codependent relationships - the kind usually built on the premise of scoping out one’s surroundings in search of someone pathetic and desperate enough to be interested, and of subsequently developing a sense of Stockholm syndrome towards each other for the purpose of giving meaning to their own lives. This premise is unlikely, illegal (depending on how far it goes), and most importantly, unsustainable in the long run. [...]

incel 15 - ffs move on

- The incel sees his grade school crushes in his dreams every few months or so, which he attributes to going in and out of similar headspaces as he was in back then. More precisely, he chooses to reopen his fixation not on the people themselves, but his projected image of the ideal partner loosely based on them that has sprouted legs and taken on a life of its own. He just uses the name and face as shorthand at this point. [...]

incel 14 - eye contact

- The incel doesn’t quite know what to do with the feeling of helplessness he experiences when forced to be physically close to women, like packed public transit or small class/work rooms. The pattern of noticing that a girl is cute, avoiding eye contact, and trying to keep himself in check before conjuring any hopeless or baseless images in his head is nothing new to him, yet he has only now gotten around to describing this ingrained reflex. [...]

incel 13 - mental gymnastics

- Instead of taking steps to increase his odds of meeting someone he could start a relationship with, the incel is instead doing mental gymnastics to justify not even trying and instead feeling content with the status quo. If he changes his mentality from “I’m falling behind and there’s nothing I can do about it” to “I haven’t had a reason to start a relationship, and I still don’t, and probably won’t for the foreseeable future, and that’s OK,” he is bound to be more content with himself. [...]

incel 12 - dirty jokes

- Today, the incel heard a male coworker playing around with a double entendre about fingering with a female coworker, and a part of him was weirded out at how nonchalantly she went along with the joke. That being said, there was definitely a tinge of almost admiration at seeing people so secure in their sexualities - boxing on a whole other weight class. In his current model of the world - at least, the ones both traditionalists and post-uber feminists push - women don’t laugh at sex jokes and the ones that do are hoes, but this girl seemed pretty loyal to her boyfriend, so apparently there is more nuance to the situation. [...]

incel 11 - stay in your lane

- The incel has to remind himself to stay in his own lane and stop comparing himself to others when he sees a cute girl come up to him followed by their choice of a partner. The moment the partner comes into the scene, he gets to work micro-analyzing their chemistry and what the partner brings to the table. The outcome is a mixture of relief and disillusion - relief for noticing the passive, complacent roles a lot of these men are pigeonholed into (or worse, accept wholeheartedly), as well as disillusionment for determining himself the “loser” in this five second battle of the wits and realizing the wholesome values the person in front of him lives by and realizing how in the end, the random dude has done something the incel has never done - be considered worthy of someone’s intimacy. [...]

incel 10 - sociopathy

- There was a coordinator that used to work at the incel’s workplace who got suddenly fired a while ago. The reason she is on his mind is that the dissonance between the kind of person she was versus how easily he opened up to her makes him worry about his inner bullshit filter that he had grown to count on and makes him question his taste in women as a whole. [...]

incel 9 - inaction

- Why doesn’t the incel ask the people he likes out? He is so far removed from society that he will never be able to correctly discern attraction from friendliness, therefore he is forever doomed to put innocent people around him in uncomfortable situations for his own self-satisfaction. He is in such a rush to start an intimate relationship that he is hypersensitive to any and all positive affirmations. He is aware of this, and overcompensates by disregarding all signs that anyone could give him as mere delusions. [...]

incel 8 - values

- As for his woman situation, the incel has been slowly polishing his rhetoric, but hasn’t tried any major overhauls yet to his thought process. He can’t think of any reason a girl would go out with him, and every girl that he holds the light up against to inspect flaws he can’t overlook, most of which are not even their own fault but rather over compatibility with his personality or physical features. [...]

incel 7 - niche

- It’s only after reading erotic comics that the incel realizes how socially irrelevant he really is in his circles. Whereas the protagonists in those kinds of stories have leads to follow, he, in contrast, lacks the foundation to go anywhere. Along the same vein, anytime he does deceive himself into seeing a lead, he start fantasizing and putting himself in positions where he can’t win. His female coworker rejected him, his classmate keeps her distance (from everyone, actually, so he can’t take that personally), and his clubmate got offended when he so much as hinted at affection. [...]

incel 6 - vibes

- The incel doesn’t think he has the emotional intelligence or ability to convince someone that he would be a good partner. He keeps assessing his current relationships with people for possible leads to follow, but never finds them, or for that matter, any indication that his situation will change any time soon. But of course, he can’t expect everyone around him to change in his favor; as long as he keep on being the same person and keeping the same thoughts, nothing will change. [...]

incel 5 - projecting

- The incel is fixated on the idea of seeing the people he cares about and identifies with the most score with as many girls as possible. His hope is that he can succeed through them vicariously, and that if other people with similar (supposed) mental deformities can score, he should be able to as well. In short, him cheering them on and feeling visceral frustration at any hesitation they show is merely him confronting his own demons and not considering the other person’s feelings at all. [...]

incel 4 - apathy

- Both the incel’s older brother and a co-worker have told him something along the lines of, “You can’t trick girls into coming to you. They can sniff a desperate, manipulative person a mile off. You just have to not care.” One day, in a vain attempt to close the topic, he replied, “Maybe one day I’ll embrace his singleness,” which was in turn met with, “No, that’s not what I’m saying at all. [...]

incel 3 - empathy

- Can the incel love? Does he have the ability to love? He has been chewing on that question as of late. Where does this notion come from? The incel has a notion that this isn’t a question most people coming of age typically ask themselves, as by that time, they have already committed themselves into lifelong relationships (platonic as well as romantic). Why is he asking in the first place? [...]

incel 2 - cereal and puzzles

- People have no reason to like the incel. A relationship is based on mutual benefit, and people are going to look for a partner that checks enough boxes on their mental laundry list. Why would anyone go for him, when they can go for the smarter, funnier, more compassionate person right next to him? This is analogous to choosing what cereal to buy at the grocery store. Depending on what the person is in the mood for, they could go for the saccharine goodness of marshmallows, or they could suck it up and buy themselves a box of whole wheat because they are health conscious. [...]

incel 1 - self improvement

- The reason the incel is single is because he doesn’t put the effort into not being single. This is what he has decided to tell people when the topic comes up. Realistically, he can’t imagine a situation where he would have to justify himself like this, but at the very least, he has an all-encompassing answer to his dilemma that can be broken down into a logical hierarchy. What does putting effort look like? [...]

incel 23 - move the goalposts

- At the closing of the year, the incel’s therapist challenges him to ask 5 random people how they’re doing daily. Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t end up doing the challenge, but this doesn’t have to be a problem if he doesn’t want it to be. He moves the goalposts so that reaching out to more people isn’t as mission critical as he originally makes it out to be. The adage of telling oneself a lie until it becomes the truth can go both ways; if he tells himself that his intention wasn’t to build a romantic connection, he’ll start believing it to be true. [...]

incel 24 - just git gud

- Because the incel is so critical of himself and his negative tendencies, he not only gets disillusioned when he doesn’t find someone as paranoid as him about not sucking, but he also pushes people away subconsciously with these unrealistic expectations that people either refuse or don’t believe they can meet. He has this quote he heard floating around in his head, and he doesn’t know if a girl told him this in real life or in a dream, but it goes, “I just don’t think I’m the right person for you; you’d probably get bored of me really quickly. [...]

incel 26 - shit taste

- Could the incel really enhance a member of the opposite sex’s life? Just by being himself? He thinks about people with Asperger’s or any other neurodivergence and he doubts that they would be anything other than a liability to a partner. And even if a partner had the toxic, codependent mindset of wanting to fix someone, wouldn’t they choose the most physically attractive manchild to experiment with as opposed to the average Joe? [...]

incel 27 - I'm calling about your car's extended warranty

- Potpourri time - list of the incel’s intrusive thoughts when dealing with women: What do you want from me - from this transaction? What is a safe neutral response to her question? Why are you talking to me? How long can I keep this act up? Don’t talk to me; I’ll start daydreaming about you if you do. Why is everybody so cute? Have I overstepped my boundaries? Did I say something stupid? [...]

incel 28 - bad RNG

- Would the incel fare better in a place with less people? The majority of the people his age in the more remote parts where his relatives live made an active effort to reach out to him and his family. A desire to connect seemed somewhat ingrained in them. He doesn’t want to imply that his environment is to blame for his social ills, but he can’t help but feel like there’s some way to move the process along. [...]

incel 29 - copium

- The incel wants to indulge in the amenities of the modern world, but he doesn’t want to spend money, so therefore he should plan not to consume product. Only when his desire to consume product and the value that product would bring into his life outweigh the physical cost will he consider consuming product. Any other thought process outside of the one outlined is very likely to be a waste of time, and probably some form of self-pity in disguise. [...]

incel 31 - liabilities

- The incel is starting to feel that the women one courts tend to be liabilities rather than assets, and remembers his classmate complaining the other day about dating someone with no personality. Case in point, the incel recently hangs out with a friend of a friend, and the entire time, he can’t help but feel like he is babysitting her and walking on eggshells when it comes to steering the conversation. [...]

incel 32 - the pope is bullying me

- The incel’s default mode of conversation is to correct and judge people on what they’re doing suboptimally in order to fit his viewpoint of the world. He has gotten better creating conversations rather than commands out of his opinions, but still, the tendency to bully people into his way of thinking remains. Women probably see this from a mile away, and properly choose to not associate with the bully and surround themselves with positive, affirming people (for better or for worse). [...]