incel 10 - sociopathy

4chan greentext. She doesn’t think about you anymore Anon. She can barely remember the sound of your voice. She betrayed you, and faked remorse. She already moved on to a new man. You bought into a lie Anon. You thought you could larp as a chad. Top comment reads, “haha joke’s on you, she never faked remorse”

There was a coordinator that used to work at the incel’s workplace who got suddenly fired a while ago. The reason she is on his mind is that the dissonance between the kind of person she was versus how easily he opened up to her makes him worry about his inner bullshit filter that he had grown to count on and makes him question his taste in women as a whole.

From what he gathered through eavesdropping, she was a pathological liar who said whatever she needed to say to get on people’s good sides and advance her agenda. She applied to the company with alleged experience as the manager of a fast food restaurant, but was later discovered to have never held any leadership positions at all. She also told him in the break room one day after a bit of small talk about careers that she wanted the same career he did, but from what he hears from others, she parrots people’s interests in conversation, so he can pretty much discard any rapport he built with her over this. Finally, last he heard, she was fired for stealing money from a register.

Now, that would be all well and good, if it wasn’t for the fact that the incel had positive feelings about her, and would have genuinely considered her a friend on a good day. Ideally, he would have a perfect discriminator in his mind that would let him sift through people and instantly put up some red flags the moment he encounters someone as ethically inconsistent as her, but somehow, she passed under the radar.

The incel counted on his virgin energy to weed out all of the emotionally unstable and useless women, but apparently he’s not as impenetrable as he thought. Here, it was just casual talk in the break room, but he could easily see this friendliness become emotional vulnerability under the right context.