incel 3 - empathy

Little Girl Sings ‘You Are My Sunshine’ To Her Cat As He Passes Away. Damn bro, I mean like was the singing really that bad?

Can the incel love? Does he have the ability to love? He has been chewing on that question as of late.

Where does this notion come from? The incel has a notion that this isn’t a question most people coming of age typically ask themselves, as by that time, they have already committed themselves into lifelong relationships (platonic as well as romantic). Why is he asking in the first place? For starters, an inability to love would fill in nicely as a reason he is so inexperienced with girls, so he can’t help but lean in that direction just to get closer to some answer. But by far, what raises his suspicion the most is looking back at random thoughts and exchanges with people over the years.

And now the holy grail of reasons - children. The incel can’t conjure an ideal future for himself where he has children. He doesn’t love himself, so how the hell can he expect to feign compassion for something he corrupted with his inferior DNA? He’d feel guilty more than anything. More damned if the kid came out mentally inferior and deranged; he acknowledges that his heart would probably soften the moment he holds them (weakness of reason more than anything), but with this unbiased stupor of childless age, he can see himself pining for a way out and probably harboring resentment at the hand he was dealt. He wouldn’t want to take time away from himself and his dreams (even if they’re not quite concrete yet), and much less so if the little bastard can’t even count to ten. He would resent the opportunity cost. In the off chance he changes his mind and finds no takers, he would look at adoption, but even then, there’s no incentive for smart, beautiful people to have children any other way but organically - with other smart, beautiful people. He would have his work cut out for him searching for a decent donor. But the validity of this transactional, secular train of thought is a whole other can of worms.

As you, intelligent reader, might have been able to deduce at this point, this lack of empathy might be more to do with fear of sharing insecurities rather than lacking emotion. Either way, the effect is the same to the onlooker - alienation ¯_(ツ)_/¯