incel 12 - dirty jokes

Talking to people your age who have their lives figured out. Video game screenshot of realistic looking business man next to cartoon looking render of shirtless Mario

Today, the incel heard a male coworker playing around with a double entendre about fingering with a female coworker, and a part of him was weirded out at how nonchalantly she went along with the joke. That being said, there was definitely a tinge of almost admiration at seeing people so secure in their sexualities - boxing on a whole other weight class. In his current model of the world - at least, the ones both traditionalists and post-uber feminists push - women don’t laugh at sex jokes and the ones that do are hoes, but this girl seemed pretty loyal to her boyfriend, so apparently there is more nuance to the situation.

In any case, this incident gave the incel some insight on why he feels women don’t take him seriously - he never grew out of the schoolboy phase. That is, the way he perceive sex and relationships is almost identical to how a geeky middle school boy does. Thinking back to his grade school days, women were compared and coveted akin to Pokemon cards or those little mini skateboards, yet so alien that there’s no real reason to actually be friends with one of them or give them the light of day. This theory would also explain why he can still stomach bad romcoms with their countless tropes and circular storylines whereas most of the people around him have grown out of them; he can still relate to the piece of cardboard the writer tries to pull off as a main character. He’s a manchild in every sense of the word.

Could this be what the internet defines as “virgin energy”? At some point in any given interaction, women must undoubtedly pick up on these paradigms he works under and put him in the “smile and wave” section of their brains (to be fair, rightfully so).

While the incel is glad to be able to articulate this disconnect between him and the people around him, knowing that he is immature doesn’t in itself give him a course of action to change his paradigms, and in turn his behavior and essence. But how exactly does one get more mature? With experience! Do you see the paradox here? Sure, there can be secondary experiences with friends and acquaintances that begin to sculpt his being for the better, but from what he has gathered, people merely stumble into primary relationships (read: the real deal) and go from there.

For now, the incel just won’t think about it; not worrying has seemed to work fine for everyone else he’s consulted with, so that’ll be his fallback when (not if) his philosophical musings get him nowhere.