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The world is so big I want to see. Literal translation of chinese characters to english as a caption. Anime girl holding sack of possessions on shoulder waving bye to the viewer with a stern face

It is currently eight in the morning and another bright sunny day in central Mexico on the second floor of my aunt’s apartment overlooking the town while I wait for my jet-lagged family to wake up. I am scribbling this on a quaint grade school notebook that cost eleven pesos at the corner bodega, as well as with a mechanical pencil I bought for 400 yen in Osaka the year before (peak globalism). All that said, here are a few takeaways from my trip so far.

As you may have garnered, this trip was primarily meant to gauge my living prospects for the future. It sure would be nice to ask those questions right now to the person who has the other 50% stake in that future, but life is seldom that easy and all I can do is revel in the uncertainty and plan according to what someone like that might say. I have to be content with a few immediate goals filling the void - moving into a house I own that I can truly call a place of my own. Everything else can come afterwards, but having a home base is Stage 1 for someone learning the ropes of self-sustainability. That in itself carries a lot of smaller goals - like learning basic carpentry, welding, car maintenance, plumbing, strength training, self defense, etc. There is plenty to do. Even if that means I’m the only person working on this project for the next ten years, I’ll have no doubt that I’ll be working towards the best version of myself I can envision.