peak innawoods tech

electric guitar with really badly put together body of wooden slabs jutting out every which way

I was in a prepper mood, and began to think about what I would and wouldn’t be able to use after the collapse of civilization. Here is a non-exaustive table with some of the more drastic changes I can imagine, in no particular order. The headers refer to Kaczynsky’s [video] delineation of technology - left column being that which depends on a service grid or intricate parts that cannot be sourced by any one individual, and the right column being the opposite.

organization-dependent small scale
clarinet reeds n/a
brass valve oil n/a
nylon guitar strings catgut (animal intestine) strings
electric guitar acoustic guitar
piano n/a
woodwinds and brass PVC/cardboard instruments (cool hands-on project for the kids!)
printer pen and paper
t h e c l o u d local copies of everything
pdfs of sheet music handwritten charts, fakebooks
telephone knocking at someone’s door/face to face interaction
TV “you’re not a real fan unless you’ve read the manga”
talk radio not consuming propaganda
newspapers not consuming propaganda
e-readers books in a personal library
music streaming sites for music discovery attending live music performances at schools, churches, bars, etc.
playback of recorded music (tape decks, CDs, mp3s) remembering and performing the music yourself
cars walking/bicycle
natural gas for heater and stove fireplace
grocery stores permanence farming
Anki (SRS) physical flashcards
blogging having friends 😳

These definitions aren’t precise, as I took some liberty in compressing the difference. For example, books as we know them are the products of large printing houses and could be considered organization-dependent, but compared to the internet and whatever A.I. singularity we’ll see in our lifetime, they’re pretty unga bunga.

What does all this mean for me, though?