being a nerd 15 and 30 years ago

Considering I haven’t learned or come across anything of value to share to you guys, let’s indulge my imagination for a moment. What would my current life look like in previous generations? Hopefully, doing so puts the sheer exponential speed of technological growth into perspective and makes us grateful for the amenities of today.

2008 - A lot would surprisingly be the same.

plastic and aluminum Gateway laptop from 2007 my first laptop - Gateway MT6705 (2007)

gray and black plastic flip phone from 2008 my first cell phone - Moto EM330 (2008)

1993 - now we’re talking!

うる星やつら (1981) on a CRT TV src: Twitter, @telewaifus

Black plastic Sony boombox from the 90s (not) my first boombox, but found in grandpa’s attic