off grid return to monke - progress

two slavic boys playing solitaire in the middle of the night on a crt monitor being held above a hole in the ice

What does a lifestyle of not having home internet and using a feature (read: dumb) phone as a daily driver look like?


Annoyances followed by solutions/adaptations:

The next logical step seems to be ditching my cell phone, but as much as I would love to order a landline and be done with it, I don’t follow through - mainly because I’m hardly at home in the first place and I want to be available for my friends (which is already made hard by not being on social media or apps). Almost nobody calls me anyway, so there isn’t much of a difference either way.

In short, there’s a lot of planning ahead when you don’t have that fluffy pillow of information to fall back on, but life goes on and I get by.