incel 16 - codependency

manga cover of 18 year old girl that has 22 year old filthy shut-in on a leash

Logically speaking, the incel should abhor the concept of codependent relationships - the kind usually built on the premise of scoping out one’s surroundings in search of someone pathetic and desperate enough to be interested, and of subsequently developing a sense of Stockholm syndrome towards each other for the purpose of giving meaning to their own lives. This premise is unlikely, illegal (depending on how far it goes), and most importantly, unsustainable in the long run. There’s a lot of name calling and ego destroying from one or both sides, as well as (understandable) resentment of these names that both bring up when they try and fail to leave and actually better themselves.

He should abhor this dynamic, but he doesn’t; rather, he considers it the best fiction writing, and secretly pines for his own depressed, suicidal girl to knock at his doorstep and sweep him off his feet.

Come on, now; haven’t the last 14 entries taught him anything?