the American educational system

wall eyed cat with broken limbs being the school

I was sitting in a lackluster history class earlier this morning that nobody had cared enough to do the reading for, and that the teacher felt the need to monopolize with his irrelevant political takes, when I felt a sudden tinge of indignation and disillusionment at the state of higher education around me. With my classmates fervently typing away on their Discord server complaining about the class all around me, I was compelled to think back to my own experiences with school.

As an aspiring teacher, I pay close attention to what the teachers I am given do right and what they do wrong, and for the most part, I appreciate their effort. But never have I wanted to bang my head against the wall as much as a communications teacher for a GE (General Requirement) class.

But we all walked out of that class with an A in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other, so I musn’t be so mopey about my wasted time, I guess, or the disparity between my paycheck and his.

Going on…

I had always assumed that this complacency would disappear up the ranks as the compulsory students dipped and the serious ones stayed behind, and while this is true to some extent, there is still a lot of bureaucracy and face saving that students are inculcated into.

At some point, I hope to survey some strangers on campus about their hot takes and offer fresh data for you, dear reader, that isn’t anecdotal ramblings. I know for a fact I am not the only one eager to find a better status quo for themselves and those they care about, and neither are you.