new website

pikachu with eyes, nose, cheeks, and mouth all stacked from top to bottom of face like bad css

I finally got around to setting up my own website and email service, in hopes of achieving a fraction of the aloofness and sovereignity of bill wurtz or Luke Smith. Jumping through the hoops was fun in its own right, and prospects were bright, until I got to thinking about what exactly would furnish the site. My original plan included transcriptions of my favorite underrepresented pieces of music, but a few search engine searches revealed how rigid and inescapable copyright laws were in the US and Japan. I could certainly get away with a Laxity piece or two, but there’s no sustainable source of content to be had there.

Perhaps being forced to start from scratch is for the better. Over the years, both bill and Luke have made a name for themselves by their unapologetic and self-genuine approach to life and what they choose to share - nothing to do with the regurgitation and mindnumbingness of the big name content creators. I am put in a position where the sheer utility, skill, charm, intelligence, and resolution of my opinions are the only recourse towards escaping this wretched wheel of consoomerism.

There’s no easy way around it; I need to give high quality original content in order to realize the full potential of this website (and my time in general). For now, writing is the most efficient option in consolidating and delivering knowledge and insight. I was also originally planning to pad out the site map with consumption lists and hot takes on pop culture, but then I realized how bugman that sounds and have determined to have my deeds do the talking for me. Identifing with the media I have consumed and brandishing it like a badge of honor invokes the same sharp cringe that stickers and “quirky” hoodies invoke.